STEP UP: Supporting Teacher Education Preparation and Undergraduate Program

  • Welcome to STEP UP and Teach: Supporting Teacher Education Preparation and Undergraduate Program!
    The Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) commitment to all students achieving has created STEP UP in order to ensure that Special Education students are included in that goal.  Three main features have been designed to facilitate this purpose:
    1.)  STEP UP and Teach provides guidance and support to LAUSD paraeducators who desire to become teachers.  There are now different STEP UP and Teach cohorts focusing on different high need teaching areas.  Special Education (SPED) STEP UP and Teach focuses on Special Education Trainees, Special Education Assistants, Healthcare Assistants and other classified Special Education paraprofessionals who desire to become Special Education Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists.  The Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) STEP UP and Teach targets bilingual Teacher Assistants, Instructional Aides and Education Aides whose goal it is to obtain a teaching credential with a bilingual authorization.
    STEP UP and Teach provides:
                   A) Mentoring in regards to academic pathways, credential requirements and teacher preparation programs
                   B) Financial assistance in the forms of
                        i) Tuition Reimbursement -- Up to $960 for community college and $4,800 for university enrollment
                        ii) Textbook Stipend -- Up to $1,000 annually 
                        iii) Credential Testing (e.g. CBEST, CSET and RICA) fees and test preparation vouchers and/or reimbursements
    2.)  STEP UP Forums will be held semi-annually and provide professional development and other training opportunities for all paraeducators with in the District and for those interested in working in the target areas.
    3.)  Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Training is being developed to provide Special Education paraprofessionals with the skills to implement behavior-analytic services as with students.  This program will meet the skills training requirement of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's (BACB) Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certificate; successful participants may opt to complete the assessment examinations and supervision on their own to receive the national RBT certification. 

New Career Ladder Document Submission

  • The following link has been created to streamline submission of documents to the Career Ladder.


    Please scan documents into a single pdf when possible. A received receipt will automatically be issued.


    Why use this form?

    Immediate receipt of documents and receive a submission receipt in your email.

    Retain originals for your records.


    What to submit?

    Applicants: Submit copies of transcripts

    Principals: Submit STEP UP/ BOOST Recommendation Forms

    STEP UP and Teacher Members: submit tuition reimbursement requests with supporting documents, test scores, RISEs, etc.

    BOOST Members: Submit reimbursement requests, BOOST Classroom Observations, etc.



STEP UP and Teach Application Process

  • The STEP UP and Teach program provides support in the form of mentoring, financial assistance and credential testing support to paraeducators who wish to become certificated teachers with LAUSD.  Members may be at any point in their academic career towards a Bachelor's degree and/or teaching credential and may enroll in any accredited Bachelor's degree and/or credential program.
    There are two program targets:
    Special Education (SPED) STEP UP and Teach is focuses on Special Education paraprofessionals (Special Education Trainees, Special Education Assistants, Health Care Assistants and other Special Education related classified positions) who wish to become a Special Education Teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist. 
    The Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) STEP UP and Teach program is looking for bilingual paraeducators (Teacher Assistants, Instructional Aides and Education Aides) who are seeking a teaching credential with bilingual authorization.  MM STEP UP and Teach application has closed for the 2016-2017 school year.

    STEP UP and Teach Application

    Applications for the STEP UP and Teach program are being accepted on an ongoing basis.  However, applicants will be admitted to the program as space allows.  Acceptance may not result in immediate admission to STEP UP and Teach.

Ready to STEP UP and Teach?

  • Apply now for the STEP UP and Teach
    To apply for the STEP UP program:
    Please note that ALL steps must be finished in order for an application to be considered complete and be reviewed.  Applications will be reviewed monthly. Completed applications will be reviewed upon order received.  Eligible applicants will be added to the STEP UP and Teach cohort as space becomes available.
    Step 1) Complete the online application form
       a) Special Education (SPED) Cohort: go.teachinla.com/STEPUPSPED 
            Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) Cohort: go.teachinla.com/STEPUPMM
       b) Be sure to review the STEP UP and Teach Policy Guide to assist in the completion of the application.  The policy guide does NOT need to be signed or submitted at this time.
       c) You may use any email address/Google account to complete the online application, however, your LAUSD email address will be used as the official communication for the program. 
    Step 2) Principal Recommendation
       b) Fill out Section 1 for the applicant
       c) Submit the form to your School Site Principal or Site Supervisor/Teacher
       d) If the Site Supervisor/Teacher completes the Recommendation Form, the Principal Endorsement is also required.
       e) The Evaluator should submit the completed document with requested signatures to the Career Ladder Office by uploading to go.teachinla.com/ladderdocs.
    Step 3) Transcripts
       a) Submit copies of unofficial transcripts to the Career Ladder Office at go.teachinla.com/ladderdocs
       b) Transcripts may be unofficial or opened official transcripts
       c) If using foreign transcripts, please include the transcript evaluation if already completed

STEP UP and Teach Member Profile

  • Current and new STEP UP and Teach members:
    Click here to create or maintain your online STEP UP and Teach member profile.
    When creating as account:
    •    Check the Career Ladder Applicant Type
    •    Use a personal email address; there will be a place to enter your LAUSD email. 
    •    Please note that the Username and Password are NOT linked to your LAUSD single-sign on. 
    For existing accounts:
       a. On the Personal Information page
       b. Applicant Type: Career Ladder
       c. If necessary, click on "Change Type" to add "Career Ladder".
       d. Click on "having trouble logging in?" if you have forgotten your Username or Password. 

2017 STEP UP Spring Forum - One Step Ahead

  • The Career Ladder’s STEP UP Spring Forum 2017 – “One Step Ahead” was held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Alfonso B. Perez Career and Transition Center.  227 general education and special education para professionals attended the professional development. Paraprofessionals attended three workshops from a menu of sixteen options. The evaluations from the STEP UP Spring Forum 2017, completed by LAUSD’s “future teachers”, were overwhelmingly positive.  A huge “thank you” is extended to Human Resources and other District staff for their time and support, which contributed to the success of the STEP UP Spring Forum 2017 – “One Step Ahead”.

    2017 STEP UP Forum (STEP UP Members in attendance)

STEP UP and Teach Graduation

  • The STEP UP and Teach Career Ladder honored the great accomplishment of members who are “stepping up” and transitioning from a paraprofessional position to Special Education teacher.  On August 31st in the Los Angeles Unified School District Boardroom, STEP UP and Teach graduates, their families, and new principals attended the STEP UP and Teach Graduation to celebrate this most significant milestone.  Los Angeles Unified School District Board President Steve Zimmer, Ruby Chavez from Board Member Monica Ratcliff’s office, Beth Kaufmann (Associate Superintendent, Division of Special Education), leadership from Human Resources, the Personnel Commission, SEIU Local 99, and UTLA congratulated the STEP UP and Teach graduates with inspiring words.   New Special Education teacher, Armin Dane Isip, represented the graduates by sharing her progress and appreciation throughout the program along with the on-going support provided by STEP UP.


    We are proud to share that as of today, 52 STEP UP and Teach graduates will be teaching students with special needs in the 2016-17 academic year.


    Congratulations to these new Special Education teachers!

    2016 STEP UP and Teach Graduates