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    Administrator of Special Education

    Jennifer McConn
    (310) 354-3431

    Welcome to Local District South Special Education


    Local District South Special Education


    Our Special Education staff support improved outcomes for students with disabilities by partnering with families,  working cohesively with other Local District South departments, and providing support to school staff in the areas of instructional practices (academics and behavior), Special Education law and compliance, District policies, and professional development. We believe ALL students deserve a high quality educational experience and equal access to ensure a future of opportunities. School staff are ready to partner with parents and can address most questions and concerns related to Special Education. Local District South staff are also available to assist you and we can be reached at (310) 354-3431.


    Special Education Service Center- Operations can be reached via the Call Center at (213) 241- 6701, and can assist with:

    • Assisting parents and schools with Individualized Education Program (IEP) placement support;
    • Transportation for students with disabilities;
    • Operational support for extended school year (ESY);
    • Establishing policies and procedures for IEP translation services,
    • Allocating human resources.


    The Due Process, Related Services, Compliance, Charter, and Private School units can be reached through the Call Center at (213) 241-6701.

    The Complaint Response Unit/Parent Resource Network (CRU/PRN) can be reached at (800) 933-8133.

    The Preschool Intake Team conducts assessments for preschool age children who are not currently enrolled with LAUSD and can be reached at (213) 241-4713.

    The Nonpublic Services Department (for students currently attending NPS/RTC sites or receiving services from a nonpublic agency) can be reached at (213) 241-6282.

    Please visit the Division of Special Education Website: http://sped.lausd.net for information about special education in LAUSD, including the special education process, policies and procedures, sources of support and assistance, and much more.