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    Career Assistance for Registered Nurses in Education

  • What is CARE?


    Career Assistance for Registered Nurses in Education

    CARE is a new career ladder program that provides individualized support, mentoring, and financial assistance to classified employees seeking a career in school nursing.

    Who Can Apply

    Any classified employee may apply who is committed to undertaking the course of study and preparation that will enable them to achieve employment as a credentialed school nurse in LAUSD. 

    Member Benefits

    • Mentoring and support to establish and maintain an academic pathway to obtain eligibility for employment as a school nurse.
    • Financial assistance up to $8,000 annually for education expenses including partial tuition reimbursement, textbooks, equipment and technology.
    • Career exposure to the practice of school nursing



    Program participants agree to an employment commitment of two full academic years as a school nurse with a clear credential in exchange for the support provided by the CARE program. 

    Please review the CARE Policy Guide for complete details - http://bit.ly/CAREpolicy2021

  • Ready to CARE…………… Apply Today!


    Step 1:  Complete the Online Application at http://bit.ly/CAREapplication2021 (Works best using a Chrome internet browser)


    1. You may use any email address/google account to complete the online application, however, your LAUSD email address will be used as the official communication for the program.
    2. Please review the CARE Policy Guide (http://bit.ly/CAREpolicy2021) to assist in the completion of the application. The policy guide does NOT need to be signed or submitted at this time.
    3. Transcripts will be required to be uploaded as part of the application.


    • Upload the copies of the most recent transcripts showing cumulative GPA (.pdf files preferred; be congizant of file size)
    • Transcripts for the application may be unofficial or opened official transcripts
    • If using foreign transcripts, please include the transcript evaluation if already completed.


    Step 2:  Principal/ Administrator Recommendation


    1. Download the CARE Principal/Administrator Recommendation Form - http://bit.ly/CARErecommendation
    2. Applicant fills out Section 1
    3. Submit the form to your School Principal/Site Supervisor/ Nursing Administrator
    4. If the Site Supervisor completes the Recommendation Form, the principal endorsement is also required
    5. The evaluator should submit the completed document with requested signatures to the Career Ladder Office by uploading to http://bit.ly/LAUSDCAREDocs

Nursing Program Resources

  • This share drive contains powerpoints, flyers and documents about various programs to obtain nursing licensure or bachelor's degrees for nurses.