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L.A. Unified STEAM Collaborative

  • STEAM Collaborative Application FlyerThe L.A. Unified STEAM Collaborative is a team of teachers working together to support Problem-Based Transdisciplinary STEAM learning in our schools.  Last year, the Collaborative developed STEAM units containing unit plans, Google Slides presentations, video overviews, one-pagers summarizing the highlights of the units, and more.  These resources are shared in our L.A. Unified STEAM P-12 Schoology group.  

    The window for the STEAM Collaborative application is open from September 2, 2021 to September 22, 2021. 

    Apply for the L.A. Unified STEAM Collaborative at bit.ly/STEAMCollab2021.


    Click on the flyer to download it.


LAUSD STEM/STEAM Certification Resources

  • LAUSD STEM/STEAM Certification Process

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