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    Contact Us

    Procurement Services
    Support Center

    8525 Rex Road
    Pico Rivera, CA 90660
    (562) 654-9007 

    Matt Friedman
    Deputy Chief Procurement Officer

    John Choe
    Director of Materiel Management

    Dee Jackson
    Deputy Director of Materiel Management

    Alfred Sixtos
    Truck Operations Manager


    Anna Santos
    Warehouse / Procurement Services Manager

    Ana Licon
    Chief Inventory Analyst

    Juan Carlos Mata
    Repro Services Manager

    Anna Salazar
    Mail Room

    John Williams
    Surplus Property and Recycling Annex





    The Materiel Management Branch operates Supplies and Equipment, Food, and Surplus Property and Recycling distribution centers; provides delivery of product from the distribution centers to schools and offices; sorts, processes, and delivers inter-office and U.S. mail; and provides reprographic (printing) services.