The Special Education Service Center-Operations Unit ensures that every student with a disability has access to an educational environment that supports their unique learning needs. Some of the operational support services provided include:

    • Assisting parents and schools with Individualized Education Program (IEP) placement support;
    • Transportation for students with disabilities;
    • Operational support for extended school year (ESY);
    • Establishing policies and procedures for IEP translation services,
    • Allocating human resources.


    Our Mission in Special Education Service Center-Operations is to ensure that every student with a disability has access to an educational environment that supports their unique learning needs by ensuring supports and services are provided in an efficient, effective and timely manner.

    Our work aligns to the core mission of the District by ensuring students have:
    • Access to programs that will lead to graduation, career and/or life development.
    • Opportunities to attend a rigorous, challenging and engaging instructional program tailored to their unique needs.
    • Improved school attendance.


    Our unit’s foundational beliefs mirror those of the District in that:
    • The needs of students come first in all of our work.
    • Families are critical partners to school success and we respect and engage this dynamic.
    • Supporting classrooms is an essential component to success.
    • Data collection and analysis is a critical tool to effective programs and accountability indicators for program improvement and excellence.



    Extended School Year (ESY) 2020

    Extended school year staff application information, course descriptions, instruction materials, and procedural forms.  


    IEP Interpretation/Translation

    Information regarding IEP oral interpretation training, translation services, and resources are included in this section.


    Personnel Supports

    Information and answers to questions about employment,  job opportunities,  or other questions concerning transfers, leave of absence, etc.


    Placement Support

    SESC-Operations highly trained Program Specialists assist IEP teams with reviewing FAPE options available within LAUSD in order to meet the individual educational needs of the students with disabilities. For more information parents may request to discuss placement options with an IEP team at the student’s current school of attendance.


    Records Request

    Request for Records forms – English and Spanish.


    School and Family Support Services (SFSS) - Call Center

    The Division of Special Education’s School and Family Support Services (SFSS) unit is committed to working collaboratively with our LAUSD families, students, colleagues and other partners in education to promote each student’s success and well-being as he/she prepares for future endeavors by providing all partners with the ongoing delivery of the most accurate information, resources, assistance, and guidance regarding special education. .



    Transportation information and related resources information.



    Contact Information

    All calls to the Division of Special Education, including calls to the Special Education Service Centers (Central, East, Northeast, Northwest, South, West) from any location and for any purpose, will be routed to the CALL CENTER at (213) 241-6701.