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    LAUSD has a dynamic Work Experience Education (WEE) program and plan throughout its high schools. Students may participate in a variety of Work Experience (General, Exploratory and Vocational) and receive supplementary support and instruction in the Work Experience classes taught at the school sites.


    Whereas many young people can get jobs on their own, they often have difficulty keeping the jobs and adjusting to the rules of the workplace. Students who participate in WEE tend to transition better and have more positive and productive experiences in the adult work of work. By providing employers with school-based teachers who can supplement the job-site training, WEE creates a true partnership with the business community in order to develop the workforce of the future.


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    To see PowerPoints about Work Experience Education and Work Experience Support please click below.


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    Work Experience Education Support




    District Work Experience Education Plan

    LAUSD's Career Technical Education Unit has revised its Secondary Plan for Work Experience Education (WEE) and been authorized by its Board of Education to submit the plan to the California Department of Education (CDE) for approval. As of May 21, 2019, the new plan is in effect.

    To view the LAUSD Work Experience Education Plan, please CLICK HERE.


    Work Experience Education Curriculum

    Included in LAUSD's Work Experience Education (WEE) Plan is the WEE curriculum, which is required for all types of Work Experience.

    The revised District Curriculum for WEE has been aligned to the CDE standards for English Language Arts and the proposed CAWEE Standards for WEE.

    WEE lesson plans are being compiled and will be posted on the site for WEE teachers when available.


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