Sexual Harrassment

  • 5 children hugging while walking on playground The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment of, or by employees, students, third parties or persons doing business that takes place or is affiliated with the District, is a form of sex discrimination in that it constitutes differential treatment on the basis of actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation or gender. As such, any act of sexual harassment is a violation of state and federal laws, as well as District policy and is prohibited.

    The District considers sexual harassment to be a serious offense which can result in disciplinary action to the offending employee or student, including the suspension or expulsion of the offending student in Grades 4-12. While suspension or expulsion as a disciplinary consequence for sexual harassment shall not apply to students enrolled in Kindergarten and Grades 1-3 under California law, other disciplinary actions or interventions may be taken as appropriate.

    Students or employees of the District who believe that they have been a target of sexual harassment shall bring the problem to the attention of the site administrator or site Title IX/Bullying Complaint Manager. All complaints will be promptly investigated in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned. The District will take appropriate actions reasonably calculated to eliminate the harassment, prevents its recurrence and remedy its effects. The District prohibits retaliatory behavior against anyone who files a sexual harassment complaint or who participates in the complaint investigation process.

Examples of Sexual Harrassment

  • Conduct (including electronic communications, acts or postings) which may constitute sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

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    Verbal - unwelcome conduct such as the use of suggestive, derogatory, or vulgar comments; the use of sexual innuendos or slurs; making unwanted sexual advances, invitations, and/or comments; pestering for dates; making threats; and/or spreading rumors about or rating others as to their sexual activity or performance; threats/demands/pressure to submit to sexual requests in order to keep a job or academic standing or to avoid other loss, and/or offers of benefits in return for sexual favors.

    Visual - unwelcome conduct such as the display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters, written material, cartoons, or drawings; the use of graffiti, texting and/or computer-generated images of a sexual nature; and/or the use of obscene gestures or leering.

    Physical - unwelcome conduct such as unwanted touching, pinching, kissing, patting, or hugging; the blocking of normal movement; stalking; sexual acts or assault; and/or physical interference with work or study directed at an individual because of the individual’s actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
    School: Speak to the site administrator or Title IX Complaint Manager/Designee.
    Local District: Speak to the Local District Administrator of Operations or Title IX Complaint Manager/Designee.
    Central Office: Speak to the Educational Equity Compliance Office, Title IX Coordinator. PHONE: (213) 241-7682; ADDRESS: 333 South Beaudry Ave., 20th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017.