• Ray

    Interested in booking the Café LA Ray mascot to visit your school site for a student assembly, please contact Dawn Soto at dawn.soto@lausd.net

Student Assemblies - Featuring Café LA Ray


Hot Supper Resources

Student Access To Meals

Meal Applications

Spaghetti Squash

“Student Meal Charge Policy Letter”

  • Student Meal Charge Policy Letter – Read it Here

    How to Donate to Student Unpaid Meal Balances
    CLICK HERE ro read more about it.

Competitive Foods

Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC)

  • Click HERE for BIC Resources for Principals.

After School Programs

  • This "first of a kind" supper program is being offered in over 500 schools across the District and is open to all students under the age of 18. Students are not required to be enrolled in either the school or the school's after school program in order to receive the supper.


    After School Programs Resources

    Request to Begin or Change Meal Service

    Supper Program Training 

    After School Snack Program 
    Under the National School Lunch Program, snacks can be served to children after their regular school day ends. The afterschool program must be organized, structured, supervised and approved by the district in order to receive snacks from Food Services.

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