MiSiS Updates - October 9, 2019

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 10/9/2019

MiSiS Announcements:

Student Photos

Principals and Assistant Principals, Please grant your photo vendor access to the LAUSD Photo Portal so that student photos may be uploaded after picture day.  The LAUSD Photo Portal houses student photos that display in MiSiS, as well as other District systems.  Please refer to the job aid, Granting Access to Photo Vendors and Assigning Designee (https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11923), for guidance.

MiSiS Access Request Forms

The fax number listed on the bottom of the MiSiS Access Request form is no longer in service.  Users who need to submit the form to MiSiS access (such as users with transitioning administrators or Local District/Central Office staff) may now submit the access request form as an attachment to a Remedy ticket for MiSiS.  For assistance with creating a ticket in Remedy, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (213) 241-5200, option 5.


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • The Student Transfer Form and Permit List Reports have been corrected.
  • In order to reduce the number of duplicate students enrolled, users will receive a new message when attempting to enroll a student with the same name, birthdate, gender, and at least one parent guardian who is the same as an existing student in MiSiS. Schools should review the information carefully to ensure a duplicate student is not being enrolled.


  • In order to support the District’s need to report itinerant teachers to the California Department of Education (CDE-CALPADS), a new screen, Itinerant Course Assignment Screen, is available to assist elementary schools with creating courses for itinerant teachers and scheduling students. The job aid may be accessed via the MiSiS website: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/3467
  • The Walk-In and Sections Editor screens have been enhanced to prevent the system from creating elementary subject sections which are no longer required for mark reporting.
  • Secondary schools may now add the One-Way Dual Language Master Plan Program Section Attribute under Sections Editor > Add Section Attribute > Master Plan Program screen.
  • When creating a Period X at continuation schools, the Section Attributes screen has been enhanced to automatically populate the IS (Continuation) and Exclude Grades attributes.
  • The Sections Editor screen has been fixed to allow schools to end sections.


  • The Uncleared Absences Report for comprehensive and continuation schools, located under the Reports menu, has been corrected to display all students who have uncleared absences and now displays the 4-digit extension Zip Code.
  • The Manage Attendance and Update Attendance screens at span schools have been corrected to display secondary absence, tardy, and left early reason code for secondary grade levels.
  • The Manage Attendance and Update Attendance screens have been corrected to only display absent reason codes that are equal to absent for future dates.
  • The Manage Attendance screen has been corrected to display the student’s attendance record, highlighted in green, when a student has been issued a suspension.
  • The Manage Attendance screen has been enhanced to display a message when elementary and secondary students are selected and the “Set for selected students” parameters is selected.

English Learner

  • Secondary schools may now add the One-Way Dual Language Master Plan Program for students under Services > English Learner > Master Plan Instructional Program Information


  • The Secondary Schools Report Card – Mailer and Non-Mailer has been enhanced to correctly display the student names in the Student(s) parameter dropdown in alpha order, by last name.

Graduation Standards

  • The Total Credits displayed on the Graduation Standards Summary Screen and the Total Credits displayed on the Excel output, which is generated when the Credits hyperlink is clicked, are now matching.


  • Per California State Law, Proof of Immunity (Varicella) may no longer be selected as exemption for Varicella immunization.


  • The Assignment Monitoring Report has been enhanced to include misassignments for courses with Unfilled Positions.

State Reports

  • The Secondary Classification and Secondary Statistical reports have been corrected to display the “Cost Center Code”, “School Phone Number”, and “Run Date and Time” labels on the Exception portion of the report.

Student Support

  • A new screen and inline reports have been created for Behavior Emergencies. This screen is only applicable for student with disabilities.
  • The Referral Email Settings screen has been enhanced to allow the school user to assign staff to receive automatic emails when a Behavioral Emergency record is submitted for LAUSD Schools.
  • The SSPT Referral Log report, located under the Reports menu, has been enhanced to display the actual dates for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd follow-up meeting dates.
  • The screens and report below have been enhanced to limit teacher access to the current and previous school years:
    • Referral Summary Screen
    • Intervention Summary Screen
    • Student Profile D “Discipline Incident E.C. 49079” alert
    • Social Adjustment reports- in-line and Reports menu
  • The Social Adjustment report has been corrected to display the correct Suspension Effective date.
  • The Counseling Communications, Intervention, and Referral screens have been enhanced to update the Counseling Purposes, Intervention, and Referral Counseling Referral Reasons, as follows:
    • All related AB 1617/216 and AB 1806 items were removed
    • Poor health habits/hygiene was replaced with Health habits/personal care
    • Domestic problems was replaced with Trauma/violence exposure
    • A new category of Add Graduation Exemption was added with the subcategories below:
      • CDE Option
      • CDE Option- Other District/LEA
      • 5th Year Option
      • 5th Year Option – Other District/LEA
      • Does Not Qualify
      • Does Not Qualify– Other District/LEA
      • Declined by ERH/Youth
      • Declined by ERH/Youth– Other District/LEA
    • A new category of Risk Assessment Conducted was added with the subcategories below:
      • Suicidal Behavior
      • Threat
      • Self-Injury
    • When the above reasons for Risk Assessment are selected all other reasons and comments will be disabled or deselected and the message, "Comments are not permitted for this intervention type. A RARD must be completed in iSTAR.” will display.
  • The Referral Screen has been enhanced to display the message, “Contact Student Discipline and Expulsion Support regarding Mandatory Recommendation for Expulsion.”