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Q. How do I make changes to students’ schedules?

A. Changes can be made under Walk-In Scheduler. The job aid is available on the MiSiS website: Please make sure to review the appropriate end and start dates for the student’s sections.  Sections cannot be changed if attendance has been taken.  The change will have to take place the next school day.  You may print the Add/Drop report from the Walk-In link when making changes to students’ schedules. 

When changing student schedules, please consider if attendance has been taken:

  1. Adjusting Student Schedules Before the Start of the Semester - When making a schedule change for a class prior to the start of the first instructional day, the new section change will appear with a green box and the previous section will be replaced.   The section start date will be as of the first instructional day. After change is made, click the file icon to SAVE the change.  The Add/Drop report will not generate any data as the class changes were made prior to the start of the semester
  2. Making Class Changes During the First Instructional Day and Thereafter - On the first day and thereafter, you will face 2 possible scenarios:
    1. Changes when attendance has been submitted for a class
    2. Changes when no attendance has been submitted for a class

The Add/Drop report will generate the changes made to the student’s classes.

Note: If a class change was made today (before a class begins) and attendance has not been taken, the end date for the course is the day before because that is the last date of attendance to that class.  To print the Add/Drop report the user will have to change the date at the top of the screen before printing the report on the screen.