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Q. How do I assign a section attribute?

A. In Section Assignments click on the + icon next to the section. A drop down will appear with various attributes. Select the attribute that corresponds to that course.
  • EL – any class that contains at least one EL student enrolled must be set with the corresponding section attribute that applies to the instructional practices in that section. Section attributes for EL instructional services include ELD, SDAIE, and/or Primary Language. An EL student eligible for special education services must receive EL instructional services in accordance with the student’s IEP.
  • Magnet – the magnet attribute is available to associate a section to a particular magnet school.
  • Special Education – select the program attribute that correlates to that section.
  • Additional Educator/Paraprofessionals – add another educator (this teacher will not be the teacher of record) or assign a paraprofessional to the section for students receiving either EL or Special Education support.
  • Dual Language Programs – section attributes must reflect the appropriate EL Service and Primary Language.
  • For sections that do not require marks or attendance (Home, College Class), select the appropriate attributes.