Training Opportunities


    In-Person Trainings


    Behavior Safety-care Emergency Training (B-Set)  

    Behavior Safety-Care Emergency Training (B-SET), developed by QBS, Inc., has been adopted by the District to address the needs of students with disabilities who engage in serious behavior as defined by the California Education Code §56520, et seq, and the California Code of Regulations, Title 5. B-SET is a mandatory two-day certification training with an annual mandatory six-hour recertification training to maintain certification. There is a mandatory in-seat requirement for this training so please arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire training. Failure to do so will result in you being sent back to your school site. B-SET is for school site teams.  A team is a minimum of three (3) full-time staff.  The team may include special education teachers, general education teachers, site administrators, paraprofessionals and support staff working with students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who have the potential for dangerous and challenging behavior. A school site team must include at least one certificated team member.  No more than four (4) team members per site, per training.  For school sites establishing teams, at least 3 members must attend together.  Individual participants will only be permitted if they are joining existing teams. B-SET is scheduled and provided by each Special Education Service Center serving the Local Districts. The number of participants for each training is limited to 20, so early registration is recommended. This training is sponsored and supervised by the LAUSD Division of Special Education, Behavior Support Office. School teams may attend any scheduled training in any Local District. This training is arranged and conducted by District approved personnel.

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    Functional Behavior Assessment to Behavior Intervention Plan

    This one-day training gives participants the tools needed to identify function-based interventions for developing and implementing a robust and meaningful behavior support plan.  Participants should plan to attend the entire training.

    As stated in Bulletin 6269.1,"Multi-Tiered Systems of Behavior Support for Students with Disabilities," all schools are required to have a minimum of one (1) full time, certificated staff trained in FBA. Please note: Substitute coverage is the responsibility of each school site.

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    Professional Development for ED SDP Teachers

    (In-Person meetings: Registration not required – walk-ins welcome)

    These professional development workshops will be led by District staff from the Division of Special Education, Behavior Support Unit. The workshops will focus on providing instructional and behavioral support for students with emotional disturbance (ED) who participate in ED Special Day Programs. These workshops will offer opportunities to network with colleagues, share best practices, and obtain resources and evidence-based strategies to implement in the classroom. There will also be time for participants to ask questions and problem-solve with the workshop facilitators.

    Professional development provided will be available as in-person. Meeting participants will have the opportunity to attend any of the professional development meetings scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year. It is expected that teachers attend one in-person training each month it is offered (i.e., November, 2019 and March 2020). Locations to be determined.

    For assistance or additional information, please contact Julie Walberg, Behavior Specialist, at jaw5007@lausd.net.


    Online Training Modules 

    Fundamentals of CHAMPs and Discipline in the Secondary Classroom


    This introductory module on classroom management establishes the foundation for future modules on this topic.  Based on the work of Dr. Randy Sprick, this module outlines how effective classroom management impacts student outcomes in behavior and academic achievement.

    If you are planning on using this module and you do not have either a CHAMPS or Discipline in the Secondary Classroom book, please register for CHAMPs Book Request or Discipline in the Secondary Classroom Book Request through the MyPLN. (Many schools and staff have previously been provided CHAMPs or Discipline in the Secondary Classroom books, so please check with your school administrator to determine if a book request is needed.) 


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    CHAMPs: Boosting Classroom Management

    Three classroom management modules for grades K-8 (CHAMPS) and 9-12 (DSC)

    **Free Book Available! **

    CHAMPs: Boosting Classroom Management contains 3 parts to build on your learning.  Please ensure you have registered for the CHAMPs book by enrolling in the CHAMPS Book Request class if you do not already have it.  

    Module 1:  Vision, Organization, and Expectations

    Module 2:  Student Motivation, Correction Procedures, and Chronic Misbehavior

    Module 3:  The Power of Data

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     Training and Video Modules