December 13, 2019

Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 12/16/2019

New Reports
New Parent Portal Report – The new Parent Portal report allows users to display a count of the number of parents who have logged in a certain number of times during a specific timeframe, and display the frequency of their logins. To access the report, go Operations > Parent Portal, then click on Parent Portal Logging.

Schoology Grade Report - The report includes students current Schoology ‘Letter Grade’ as well as the last submitted ‘Academic Mark’ in MiSiS. See grade trends from one grading period to the next. Sort the report by grade level, course title/code, period, Graduation Requirement Year, or by counselor. This new report will support counselors and school site administrators to quickly identify students in need of academic support prior to report cards being issued.  To access the report, go to Summary > Monitoring Reports > All Grade Levels, then click on Schoology Grade Report.

Report Updates
Focus Attendance Rates – The Attendance Rates Report has been removed from Focus. This report will be available only in MyData.

Ad Hoc Reporting Subject Area Updates

English Learner Subject Area
Newcomer Flag –
Newcomer Flag has been added to the English Learner Subject Area.

English Learner and Student Detail Subject Areas
Dibels 8 Assessment
– Dibels 8 Assessment sub-folder has been added under the Latest Test Scores folder for English Learner and Student Detail Subject Areas.