November 22, 2019

Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 11/25/2019

Report Updates
Focus Attendance Bands Dashboard – A new “Enrolled Flag” column has been added to Student Attendance detailed report. To access this report, click on Operations, Attendance, Attendance Bands, then click on a link from the Dimensional Table View.

Bug Fixes
MMED Report – The Student District ID link to view the MiSiS Student Profile has been fixed now. To access the report, go to Instruction, MMED, MMED Secondary. Click on EL Tile, under Profile Summary select Profile Summary Table. Select either Secondary without Course Info or Secondary with Course Info links. Click on any district ID to display MISIS Student Profile link.

College Readiness Roster - Campus and School filters have been fixed now. When selecting Campus or School filters, the systems displays the selected values. To access the report, go to Summary, Monitoring Reports, Secondary Tab and select a campus or school.

Student Email Roster - The Student Email report has been fixed now. Elementary students display in the correct tab. To access the report, go to Summary, Monitoring Reports, Student Email Roster.

Focus MTAM Dashboard - Summary/detailed MTAM totals now display with the correct number format for # of Missing Forms, Submitted, Incomplete and Daily Difference columns. To access the report, go to Operations, MTAM, then click on MTAM District View. Select # of students tile or Missing Household Income Form from the Eligibility Summary – CEP Table.

Ad Hoc Reporting Subject Area Updates
Enrollment Folder (All Subject Areas) - Enrolled On Count Day Flag column has been added to the Enrollment Folder in all subject areas.