October 4, 2019

Posted by Focus Enterprise Reporting on 10/7/2019

Report Updates

Demographics Dashboard – Withdrawals from LAUSD tile now matches the total no of Rows on the detail report.  To access this report, click on Summary > Demographics > Demographics > then click on the Withdrawals from LAUSD tile.

Adjusted Attendance Summary Report – Mailing apartment number column has been added to the Adjusted Attendance Summary with Parent Contact report.  To access this report, go to Summary > Monitoring Reports > Adjusted Attendance Summary Report > Then click on Adjusted Attendance with Parent Contact tab.


Bug Fixes

MTAM Dashboards – The MTAM District View dashboard displays “No Data” when selecting XS for Local District filter when no data is available. To access this report, go to Operations > More Than a Meal > MTAM District View > Then select Local District XS.