May 7, 2021

Posted by Focus Reporting and Dashboards on 5/7/2021

Release Notes

New Report

The Community of Schools Summer Program Report has been created to identify students in Elementary and Middle Schools who need summer school at the CoS level.  The report has two tabs, Elementary View and Middle School View, that display ELD, ELA, English and Math course marks, attendance bands and other related information.  Access the report by clicking on Summary > Summer School Reports > Community of Schools Summer Program.

Report Updates

Real Time Attendance Report has been modified with the addition of "Students with ANS" columns with the feature to drill to details.  To access the report, click on Operations > Attendance > Real Time Attendance.

Instructional Program Report has been modified to open under the Instructional Program tab and labeled Instructional Program Summary Report.  The numbers in the Instructional Program Summary table are hyperlinks drillable to the Instructional Program Detail Report which includes an additional column labeled Group Assignment.  The totals are now displayed in the last two columns that allow users to drill to details on all their Local District students.  Access the report by clicking on Summary > Monitoring Reports > Instructional Program.