IT Maintenance Scheduled to the Password Reset Portal for Friday, February 17 to Monday, February 20

ITD will be upgrading our directory and password synchronization service to ensure applications such as Office 365 are up-to-date with the latest software and maintained at a level of service required. The upgrade will be performed during the long weekend of Friday February 17th through Monday February 20th to minimize the impact to normal business hours. During this timeframe, users will not be able to reset their passwords as the “Mylogin” portal will be offline to prevent password reset issues.  We recommend that if you receive an email to reset password within this time, or if your password is set to expire within this time, be proactive and change it before to avoid running into any issues.

These maintenance periods are critical to ensure that the District's systems operate normally with minimal downtime during school days.

All systems should be running as normal by Monday, February 20th. If you have trouble accessing anything by Tuesday, February 21st, please contact the IT HelpDesk (

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to plan accordingly.