ITD Sponsors Summer Training Workshops for On-Site Technicians

IT Summer Tech Training The Information Technology Division (ITD) is proud to sponsor and host summer training workshops for our on-site technicians. These workshops are designed to inform and update on-site technicians on organizational standards, enhance your skills, and promote resource networking.  With this ITD-hosted summer training, ITD is striving to provide exceptional IT support to schools and offices by ensuring you get the resources and knowledge you need to succeed.

Topics for technical support training include:

  • Remedy Training - Service Request categorization and Escalation Procedures
  • Summer Storage Process - Security, Inventory, and Procedures
  • Device Configuration - iPad, Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktops, etc.
  • Basic Telephone issue identification - PA/Intercom usage and troubleshooting
  • Mobile Device Management - Access and monitoring of devices through AirWatch
  • Asset Management Training - Categorical Funding, End of the Year Asset Submission, and Destiny reporting
  • Network Policies and Procedures - Static IP’s, Printer & Server Configurations, Wireless Access Points and Routers
  • SSO Site Administration / Security - Student Credentials Security, Resetting Passwords
  • Site Readiness - Checklist and Priorities
  • MiSiS Training - End User Interface, Troubleshooting
  • Testing Readiness - Checklist, Priorities and Troubleshooting
  • Customer Service - Dealing with Demanding Customers
Technicians are welcome to attend the training session over the Summer Recess scheduled on August 2nd – 3rd.

Participants will be compensated.

If you would like to attend one of the workshops please fill out this form.