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Statement by Board Member Mónica García on DACA (11-12-19)


CONTACT:  Lizette Patrón, 213-241-6180                                                                      November 12, 2019



Today, our nation wrestles with the responsibility of living up to the creation of America – a nation of immigrants. Our students, families and employees are living and breathing the ideals of the immigrant forefathers and foremothers who created this country. Los Angeles Unified has stood with our immigrant students and families over and over again, and we continue do so today.

We call on the U.S. Supreme Court to stand with our students and teachers and the DACA program. We are not confused about every child's right to be in school, to be supported in building their skills, strengths and dreams. DACA recipients are present in every class. They are our parents, employees and leaders.

To the students who want to express their outrage, pain and sorrow, the power in your voice is real. Let us own the responsibility of fighting the current and future challenges to fix the broken immigration system and call for full immigration reform.