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Los Angeles Unified Strategic Plan Year One Report Details Majority of Areas On Track to Reach Goals (01-24-24)

Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 24, 2024) – Los Angeles Unified concluded the first year of the 2022-26 Strategic Plan with 83% of priorities and initiatives demonstrating growth and on track to achieve their established goals. The remaining metrics have been identified as areas for growth where the District will adjust, amend or reappropriate processes to achieve the intended outcomes. The full Strategic Plan Year One Report can be accessed here.


“I am proud of the work we have accomplished together and the inroads we have made to establish Los Angeles Unified as the district of choice for families,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “While there is still work to be done, the first year’s results indicate that our shared commitment is creating meaningful change for our students, families and communities. This is a credit to the tireless work of our incredible students, families, school leaders, staff and community partners.”


Of the 93 Measures of Success (MoS) outlined in the Strategic Plan, 83% showed improvement and 17% are still a work in progress. Delineated by Pillars, this includes: Pillar 1: Academic Excellence (19/22 MoS showing improvement); Pillar 2: Joy and Wellness (9/13 MoS  showing improvement); Pillar 3: Engagement and Collaboration (23/28 MoS showing improvement); Pillar 4: Operational Effectiveness (14/15 MoS showing improvement); Pillar 5: Investing in Staff (12/15 MoS showing improvement). Areas of success include an increase in attendance, decrease in chronic absenteeism, increase in A-G completion rate, increase in greening spaces across the District, increase in FAFSA and US/CSU applications, increase in access to whole-child wellness interventions, increase in AP course enrollment, increase in staff retention rates and increase in student identification for Gifted and Talented Programs. Areas for growth include the number of teachers at SENI high/highest needs schools participating in micro-credentialing programs, parent or guardians registered on Parent Portal, single student suspension rate and percentage of staff with excellent attendance.


“I am very proud of the initial progress we’ve achieved,” Board President Jackie Goldberg said. “Our collective efforts have yielded tangible results that will help us assess our progress – and adjust our course where necessary. Despite how far we’ve come, it is essential for us to acknowledge that this journey is ongoing. We’ve achieved a lot, but there is still more work to do.”


“I am delighted to know that the District has fulfilled 83% of its priorities and initiatives for its strategic plan during the 2022-23 school year,” Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson said. “This is due to the tireless efforts of our staff and students who work hard to achieve their academic goals. Of course, we keep in mind that this is not a sprint but a marathon. Everybody within the Los Angeles Unified community will continue to work hard so that by 2026, we can reach 100% of our strategic goals. Congratulations, again, to our staff and students for this amazing achievement.”


“Student achievement is always our North Star,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said. “We continue striving to ensure all students are making academic gains. This report is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of reaching our goals.”


“A few important things we've seen in action include the proven success of the Community School model to implement our strategic plan, prioritizing relationships, real parent and community engagement and student-centered work that directly support social-emotional wellbeing of our students,” Board Member Dr. Rocío Rivas said. “Healthy campuses create healthy communities.”


“I appreciate this comprehensive update on the District’s progress toward the goals and action steps in the 2022-26 Strategic Plan,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said. “I am heartened to see improvement in key areas including our early literacy benchmarks, FAFSA and CADAA completion rates, and attendance. But we are sober to the many areas that require significant continued growth. I look forward to ongoing, transparent conversations about our progress and strategies as we continue to implement the strategic plan.”


“I’m heartened by the progress we have made across important measures outlined by the District goals and the Strategic Plan,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “I know this is a testament to the hard work of our students, educators, and staff. I look forward to further conversations about how to accelerate progress to ensure we meet the ambitious goals we’ve laid out as a District in support of our students and families.”


“I celebrate the progress made with our strategic plan, particularly the efforts that are improving conditions for student achievement: reduced chronic absenteeism, higher staff retention and increased college access with AP course enrollment and FAFSA completion,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “The path to meeting Board goals remains steep but I am confident that our educators and staff have the tools and support to guide our students successfully.”


The Strategic Plan established an inspiring and bold vision for the future whereby Los Angeles Unified will not only redefine teaching and learning, but also how students are equipped, mentored and sent out to change the world. The Strategic Plan is extremely thoughtful and deliberate in its approach, carefully considering the drivers that will be most impactful to improve student achievement and close opportunity gaps. There is perhaps no more urgent time for a renewed vision of what public education can do for our communities, cities, nation and world. 


Review the entire Strategic Plan Year One Report here.


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