• Staff Wellness


    Safe School Plan - Coordinated Safe and Healthy School Assessment Resources

    Prevention - Volume 1  Chapter 6 

    The following links are provided to assist school sites in implementing components of the District's Safe School Plan:
    LAUSD Benefits Administration Resources  - The link provides information concerning smoking cessation, weight management, diabetes management and vaccinations for all employees. It also includes clinical screening and blood pressure measurement resources. 
    Nutritious Snacks for Meetings - This is a link to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation for nutritious snacks for meetings. 
    Manage Stress Levels - The link provides resources on stress reduction. 
    First Aid and CPR Classes - This link provides a schedule for First Aid and CPR class training sessions. 

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    Other LAUSD Health and Wellness Websites


    Blueprint for Wellness - Complete Staff Wellness 

    LAUSD recognizes that school personnel, administrative staff, and all other employees involved in the educational process set the culture and tone of the educational environment. The District will strive to promote healthy living for staff and students. READ MORE



    District Staff Wellness Focus Areas:

    1. District staff is encouraged to visit and utilize the resources available through the LAUSD Benefits Administration website.
    2. District staff is encouraged to manage stress levels.
    3. District Staff is encouraged to take First Aid and CPR classes.