• School Mental Health, Psychological Services, and Social Services

    Safe School Plan - Coordinated Safe and Healthy School Assessment Resources  

    Prevention - Volume 1  Chapter 6 

    The following links are provided to assist school sites in implementing components of the District's Safe School Plan:
    At-Risk Student Intervention Programs - This link provides information related to School Mental Health Programs and Services, School Mental Health Evidence Based Practices, and Professional Development Opportunities. 
    Best Practices and Interventions to Prevent Escalation of At-Risk Behaviors - This link provides information related to phases of the crisis cycle, interventions and reactive strategies at each phase, and State and Federal legal requirements for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). 
    Wellness Centers - Link to find a school-based health center near you!




    Blueprint for Wellness - School Mental Health, Psychological and Social Services 


    LAUSD affirms the importance of teaching students to be both physically and mentally healthy and creating and maintaining a school environment that promotes academic achievement and helps promote a healthy community. LAUSD recognizes the connection between academic achievement and student wellness.   READ MORE


    School Mental Health, Psychological and Social Services Focus Areas:

    1. School-wide prevention efforts exist to promote building assets and resiliency to increase positive development in all students.


    2. Early identification and intervention programs/practices are used for students who present at-risk academic, behavioral and mental health problems


    3. Ongoing training is provided for all staff on early identification of students with signs of academic, attendance, and behavioral/mental health problems.