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    Safe School Plan - Coordinated Safe and Healthy School Assessment Resources

    Prevention - Volume 1  Chapter 6 


    The following links are provided to assist school sites in implementing components of the District's Safe School Plan: 

    Wellness Centers - The L.A. Trust works in collaboration with the LAUSD Student Health and Human Services Division and the Joint Use Development Program to increase student access to vital health and mental health services, wellness promotion, and health career options.
    Assisting Students with Prescribed Medications  BUL. 3878.2 - This bulletin includes updated information regarding the administration of emergency medication and electronic documentation.
    Asthma Management - "Tools for Schools Programs" - LAUSD Nursing Services Asthma Program aims to improve the health and academic achievement of students with asthma by reducing asthma exacerbations through the education of students, parents and staff on the prevention and management of asthma.
    Body Mass Index and Obesity - This link provides information regarding BMI and obesity.
    CHAMP Helpline - The Children's Health Access and Medi-Cal Program (CHAMP) supports academic achievement and promotes wellness by enrolling children and youth into health insurance programs. CHAMP provides information to parents and district staff on free or low-cost health insurance options, including Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, and others. 
    First Aid and CPR Training - This link provides a training schedule.
    Blood Borne Pathogen Training - This bulletin provides guidelines and training (including procedures and techniques) for all District personnel to prevent the spread of communicable disease.


    Blueprint for Wellness - Health Services 


    LAUSD has a long history of providing health services to students and the larger school community. The District recognizes that good health among its students, staff, and school community helps to improve student attendance, foster a more cohesive school culture, and ultimately improve student achievement. READ MORE 



    Health Services Focus Areas:
    1. School ensures the immediate and reliable access to medications, special diets, treatments and emergency care for students with asthma, diabetes or severe allergies.
    2. School offers asthma management education and school environmental assessment programs to students, families and school staff, including before-and after-school program staff.
    3. School ensures training of designated personnel to assist students with medication, first aid, and specialized physical health care services.