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    Safe School Plan - Coordinated Safe and Healthy School Assessment Resources

    Prevention - Volume 1  Chapter 6 

    The following links are provided to assist school sites in implementing components of the District's Safe School Plan:
    Fitnessgram Assessment - This assessment provides an easy way for teachers to report to parents on children's fitness levels.  Students are assessed in the following health-related fitness areas: cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.  
    Physical Education Credit for Marching Dynamics - Bulletin 2406  -  This bulletin establishes the District’s policy regarding safety regulations for the physical education requirement credit for high school marching band. 
    Sex Equity in Physical Education Programs - Bulletin 1826  -  The purpose of this bulletin is to inform administrators and teachers of sex equity laws and regulations, which apply to school physical education programs.
    Physical Education Exemptions - Bulletin 2457.1  -  This bulletin establishes criteria and clarification for temporary, permanent, and partial physical education course exemptions for students who are ill or injured, participate in one-half or less of a full-day school schedule, do not meet the passing requirement on the physical performance test, or participate in off-campus physical education activities. 
    California Physical Education Standards  - Using the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades K-12 and with the current emphasis on health-related fitness, it is vitally important to examine our physical education programs and ensure that they are in compliance with state and federal mandates governing physical education.

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    Blueprint for Wellness - Physical Education


    A strong correlation exists between physical fitness and academic achievement. Physical education has been part of the required school curriculum in California for decades because of the consensus among the community and legislators that physical activity is essential for children’s healthy growth and development.   READ MORE

    Physical Education Focus Areas:

    1. All class activities have a positive bearing on physical activity.
    2. All students are moving at a moderate to vigorous level for 50% of physical education class time.
    3. Marks for students in physical education are based on the ability of the students to meet the grade-level standards and curriculum goals.