• Register Your Business as a Vendor for the Los Angeles Unified School District

    LAUSD procurement policy is to provide equal business opportunity to qualified bidders and proposers because fair and open competition benefits the public interest. Accordingly, LAUSD does not establish or maintain an exclusionary “approved vendor list”. When Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitations are issued, any bidder or proposer meeting the IFB or RFP requirements may submit a bid or proposal. Therefore, issuance of an LAUSD vendor code does not automatically endorse or approve a firm to provide a particular product or service.   

    Please note that:

    • Your firm will be asked to enter into a LAUSD Data Use Agreement if use of your product permits the disclosure (to your firm or otherwise) of any information that may personally identify a LAUSD student or employee, and
    • We can only purchase applications and other software used for instruction, that require unique log-ins and that use personally identifiable student data for which the LAUSD has approved a Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan.  Please go here to start the UDIPP application process:  https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/10475. 
    Use the link below to register your business to allow your business to receive payment from LAUSD for contracts and purchase orders. To receive notifications for future solicitations, please go to the "LAUSD Solicitations" link towards the bottom of this page.

    LAUSD SAP Vendor Registration (Supplier Self Registration)
    Supplier Self Registration Terms and Condition

    If you are having problems receiving emails, please click HERE

    If you are already registered and require updates to your SAP Vendor profile, please use the link below.

    Supplier Portal Log-In

    For assistance with completing the Supplier Self-Registration process and navigating in our Supplier Portal, the following tools are available:

    Vendors Web-Based Learning Training Modules  

    Vendors Business Policies and Procedures Documents

    For effective use of the LAUSD’s vendor portals please use only Internet Explorer 11. Using any other browser will not provide full functionality.

    Los Angeles Unified School District Solicitations for Goods, General and Professional Services

    Use the link below to view upcoming solicitations and to bid on current solicitations for goods, general and professional services.

    LAUSD Solicitations

    Construction Contracts, Architect & Engineers, Technical & Facilities Professional Services Bidding Opportunities

    LAUSD also has bidding opportunities in construction and other facilities related services. These bidding opportunities are available at LAUSD's Facilities Services Division's website www.laschools.org. Below is a link to those bidding opportunities. Please note you must register separately on the Facilities Services Division website to bid on facilities bidding opportunities.

    LAUSD Facilities Services Bidding Opportunities