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    LASPD Bureaus

  • Administrative Services Bureau

    DC Mayoral Deputy Chief Stephen Mayoral
    Telephone: (213) 202-4511

    Administrative Services Bureau (ASB) is responsible for coordinating and managing the  Department's Administrative and Investigative Divisions.

 The Budget and Records Management Division oversees the Department’s:

Payroll Unit
Budget Services Unit
Records and Crime Analysis Unit
Subpoena Control Unit
Citation Control Unit

 The Administrative Services Division is responsible for overseeing the Department’s:

Government and Community Relations 
Custodian of Records Responsibilities
Contract Administration
Fleet Management
Peer Counseling Program
Department Wellness Program

Investigative Division oversees the Department’s Investigative assignments to include:

Criminal Investigative Section
Property Crimes and Computer Recovery Unit
Internal Affairs Unit
Background Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Adalberto Espinosa
Commanding Officer
125 N. Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-8645

Administrative Division is responsible for important aspects that are critical to the operational abilities of the Department. The Administrative Division ensures that our personnel maintain California Police Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) standards. They manage all logistical support items, vehicle and fleet management.

The Technology and Training Units are responsible for ensuring that the personnel of the LASPD are equipped with the latest tools and information within the law enforcement community. This includes computers, software programs, as well as officer safety training and bulletins. Other duties, Professional Development, peer counseling, Chaplain Program, Reserve Program, and Project Management.


Lieutenant James Vils
Commanding Officer
125 N. Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-8644

The Investigative Division provides leadership, expertise, and resources that support officers protecting our students, staff, community, and District property. Detectives handle follow up investigations on crimes involving schools and any other LAUSD property. In addition, they serve search and arrest warrants, file criminal cases with City Attorneys and District Attorneys. They work closely with the municipal and other partners in investigations and are integral in high level Threat Assessment teams.

Working closely with criminal detectives, outside agency investigators, District leaders, and private industry, we have Computer Theft Recovery experts who use technology and expertise to recover many stolen electronic items, worth high-dollar value.

Responsibilities of this Division also include conducting investigative backgrounds of sworn and civilian candidates, processing, interviewing, screening civilian (non-sworn) applicants, and pre-exit interviews of employees.

Also among our wide variety of investigative assignments are our Internal Affairs Detectives. To maintain the public confidence, all complaints must be thoroughly and impartially investigated. In an industry and Department that prides itself on transparency, thoroughness, and justice, our investigators maintain the highest standards and ethical values of the Department. Internal Affairs detectives operate as the investigative arm of the Chief of Police.

Professional Standards Unit

The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD), Professional Standards Unit, is an internal administrative investigations unit staffed with personnel who report to the Lieutenant of Investigative Services Division (ISD), and the Commanding Officer, Administrative Services Bureau (ASB).
LASPD Professional Standards unit is responsible for investigating complaints that are received from members of the school-community concerning the performance, demeanor, and behavior of police personnel.
The Professional Standards unit also conducts internal investigations concerning violations of department policy and criminal law that are reported by police personnel. The Professional Standards Unit investigates risk management issues and other crucial incidents of significant concern to include, but not limited to department policies and functions.
The unit works in cooperation with the City and District Attorney's office and reviews matters of civil liability for the police department and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).
The department recognize that the mere operation alone of any law enforcement agency may cause concern prompting a complaint of misconduct. We recognize that the public's trust in our department is vital to our success.
That said, it is our agency's assurance that every complaint of personnel misconduct receive full attention and a review by our management team. All complaints are quickly and thoroughly investigated and appropriate measures are taken to ensure the professional conduct of our police personnel.
LASPD's Professional Standards unit, is a fact finding entity, and its sole purpose is the protection of the public, students, staff, and administrators, along with protection of the department and employees.


Keith Chustz, Senior Administrative Assistant
125 North Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-4511


Budget and Records Management Division is responsable for a host of LASPD administrative services to include, data and crime analysis, citation processing, subpoena processing, report requests, budget and finance and various other related functions.

  • School Safey Officers

  • School Safety Officers not only provide safety services for grades K-12, but also for Adult Schools, Occupational Schools, and Skill Centers.
    A School Safety Officer (SSO) is civilian non-armed employee of the Los Angeles School Police Department that receive additional training and equipment enabling them to provide a safe educational environment when assigned to a school campus or other LAUSD site. Some School Safety Officers may work at a location by themselves or with School Police Officers. In working with the School Police, the SSO’s learn much about the duties of the Los Angeles School Police Department and as such are a very helpful aid. Some SSO’s go on to become police officers, continuing to provide for the safety of teachers, students, and other staff members within the LAUSD. They also participate in conjunction with School Police Officers in such programs as holiday food drives, school supply giveaways, school dedications, and many other events.
    School Safety Officers not only provide safety services for grades K-12, but also for Adult Schools, Occupational Schools, and Skill Centers. In 2004 a Parking Enforcement Unit comprised of School Safety Officers was formed to provide improved traffic safety for the Los Angeles Unified School District schools and other various facilities. The unit helps to educate drivers of the enforcement necessity of designated parking around schools. The Parking Enforcement Unit is also utilized to assist schools with traffic control and enforcement at such events as graduations, evacuation drills, and critical events.



  • Office of The Chief Of Police

    DC Anderson

    Deputy Chief Timothy J. Anderson
    Telephone: (213) 202-4510

    Commanding Officer assigned to the Office of The Chief Of Police oversees LASPD Special Projects.

  • Campus Services and Support Services Bureau

    DC Stevens

    Deputy Chief Christopher Stevens
    Telephone: (213) 202-4513

    The Campus Services Bureau personnel work collaboratively with the Local Districts, Operations Coordinators, School Crisis and Mental Health, Campus Administrators, and allied agencies to prevent student victimization and foster a healthy learning environment. Support Services Bureau manages campus support resources and facilitates the communication of critical information through the District.   

Operations Support Division (OSD) personnel support safe school operations using multiple resources.  OSD consist of LAUSD Administrative Headquarters building security and Adult School operations.

 Administrative Headquarters Building school safety officers ensure a safe environment for LAUSD Administrative staff and visitors.  School Safety Officers assigned to the headquarters building receive additional training in high-rise security and building emergency procedure.

Adult School Operations security officers provide security coverage for adult school sites during day and night time hours.  Assigned personnel are part-time sworn employees that provide security coverage adult school locations.  

Lieutenant George Sandoval
Commanding Officer

125 N. Beaudry Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
(213) 625-6631

The Commanding Officer of Communication Services Division oversees the Departments 24/7 Communications Center (dispatch), Watch Sergeants and off-hour patrol operations.

The Communications Center receives, records, prioritizes, and dispatches police officer to over 35,000 calls for services across the District each year.  Off-hour patrol officers direct their focus toward the safety of after school programs and the protection of District property throughout the night, on weekends and holidays.  Communications Services Division sworn and civilian personnel work as an effective team to increase student safety and achievement. 



Support Services Bureau (SSB) manages campus support resources and facilitates the communication of critical information throughout the District.

 Under the span of control of SSB, the Commanding Officer of SSB, is responsible for the coordination of off-hour property protection coverage for District facilities during non-school periods in an effort to prevent and minimize losses in this area. 

 Additional areas of responsibility that fall under this command include Adult School campus security services. 


They serve as “First Responders" to critical incidents occurring on campus, off campus, and in our neighborhoods. Officers provide a variety of services to enhance the safety and security of our TK-12th grade schools as outlined below:

Campus Support Units to respond to in-progress calls for service

Parking / Traffic Enforcement and Education

Ready Set Go Program

Anger Management Program for Students (AMPS)

Anti-Bullying Awareness

Threat Assessments



Lieutenant David Mackie
6625 Balboa Boulevard
Lake Balboa, CA 91406
(818) 654-3760

Northwest Division oversees operations for the west half of the San Fernando Valley. It spans from the 405 Freeway and portions of Panorama City on the eastern border to the LAUSD border to the west, Mulholland Drive to the south and extends north to the LAUSD border. LASPD Northwest Division proudly serves the western portion of LAUSD Local District Northwest, plus the Panorama City area of LAUSD Local District Northeast.




Lieutenant Glenn Besunder 
12540 Pierce Avenue
Pacoima, CA 91331
(818) 686-4075

Northeast Division oversees operations for the east half of the San Fernando Valley. It spans from the 405 Freeway, to the LAUSD border on the east, Mulholland Drive to the south and extends north to the LAUSD border. LASPD Northeast Division proudly serves the eastern portion of LAUSD Local District Northeast, except for the Panorama City area.





Lieutenant Lyndon Cullen 
13000 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 301-5934

West Division oversees operations for the West Los Angeles, Hollywood, Wilshire, and Southwest Los Angeles Communities. It spans from the Pacific Ocean on the west and extends east to the district lines of LAUSD Local District Central and South. LASPD West Division proudly serves LAUSD Local District West.




Lieutenant Patrick Lynch
Central Division
125 North Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-8643

Central Division oversees operations for the Central City Area of Los Angeles. It spans from the Eagle Rock area on the north, south to Slauson Boulevard, from Western Avenue west to Alameda Street on the east. LASPD Central Division proudly serves LAUSD Local District Central.

Lieutenant Aaron Pisarzewicz
4500 Multnomah Street
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(213) 393-4447

East Division oversees operations from the north side of East Los Angeles, to the southern border of the City of South Gate. In addition, East Division services six unincorporated cities within the LAUSD boundaries of South Gate, Bell, Huntington Park, Cudahy, Maywood, and Vernon. LASPD East Division proudly serves LAUSD Local District East.

Lieutenant Frank Minutella
South Division
1230 West 177th Street
Gardena, CA 90248
(424) 221-7360

South Division oversees operations from South Los Angeles to the Port of Los Angeles Communities. It spans from Slauson Boulevard on the north to the port of Los Angeles on the south. It also covers the communities of Gardena, Lomita, Carson, and North East Long Beach. LASPD South Division proudly serves the LAUSD Local District South.