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  • Who We Are

    Office of Educational Services consists of six Divisions that together serve the academic, social-emotional
    and physical needs of every student, so principals can lead, teachers can teach and students can learn.
    OES and its divisions are a part of L.A. Unified’s investment in our schools and students, and include:
    • Beyond the Bell (BTB)
    • Food Services Division (FSD)
    • Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)
    • Procurement Services Division (PSD)
    • Student Health and Human Services (SHHS)
    • Transportation Services Division (TSD)
    Together, we have one focus, to support the whole child by providing outstanding services to our schools. We do this by delivering students to their schools on time, serving nutritious school meals, providing goods and services to schools, ensuring that schools are safe from hazards, reducing barriers to success for students by ensuring their health physically, mentally and emotionally, and supporting students in after-school programs.
    Our services support the L.A. Unified instructional team to deliver the best education so that all of our youth can achieve great things. We thank the thousands of employees within the Office of Educational Services and its nine divisions who work tirelessly on behalf of students, schools and employees of L.A. Unified.

    Our Vision
    To serve the academic, social-emotional, and physical needs of every student, so that they can reach their full potential.

    Our Mission
    To be the leader in delivering a safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environment where all students graduate ready for success.