Option B Form for 2019-2020 Budget Development

Every LAUSD school receiving 2019-2020 Title I funds has the option of rolling over existing 2018-2019 school site positions during the 2019-2020 Budget Development process by completing an Option B form. This option allows additional time beyond the customary SPSA submission period for schools to receive all student assessment data and to comprehensively review the data prior to completion and submission of the 2019-2020 SPSA.

Any school electing “Option B” must submit the following during Budget Development:

(1) a completed and signed Option B form, and

(2) all related School Budget Signature Forms for existing positions and Toshiba contracts

NOTE: Any program funds not spent on positions will be placed in Pending Distribution until the school’s 2019-2020 SPSA has been completed and approved.  Completed and approved 2019-2020 SPSAs are due no later than October 31, 2019.

OPTION B Request for Position SPSA Form 2019-20.doc, 60 KB; (Last Modified on February 25, 2019)