Regional Manager

ds Dr. Shaheen has been with the Food Services Division at LAUSD for the last ten years.  He has been in the forefront to provide LAUSD students accessibility to healthy and nutritious meals to achieve educational excellence. He is budget savvy and well versed in laws, rules and regulations and legal interpretations related to food services operation. He has a strong financial background with a solid understanding of budget implications in relation to strategic decision making and financial forecasting. Dr. Shaheen comes with a proven track record in both public and private sectors of leading, directing, achieving and excelling organizational goals. As a Regional Food Services Manager, he has a demonstrated ability to work collegially with leaders across business especially with the Local Education Superintendents, Administrators of Operations, Operation Coordinators, Principals, Community Representatives, parent groups and cafeteria personnel to impact and obtain information pertaining to food services operations.

As a university graduate with extensive educational background in planning, directing, supervising, training and management of organizational behavior and with over 30+ years of management experience in Food Service Industry, he is an asset to our School District. We are proud to have him on our leadership team.