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Newcomer finds a 'second home' at Panorama High

Danilo Amaya-Marroquin is interviewed by Univision I arrived to this country from El Salvador in 2016, fleeing dangerous circumstances. I came to the USA on my own with hopes of continuing my education and some day attending a university. Upon my arrival to this country, I was transported from Texas to New York, and finally was allowed to be reunited with my father in California. I was enrolled in the ninth grade at Panorama High School.

I felt awkward and nervous to begin school because of my lack of the English language, and I was unsure as to what I would encounter my first day of school. But then I met my counselor, Ms. Analila Barajas. She greeted me with a smile, said “Buenos dias,” and gave me the encouragement I needed at that moment.

Throughout the first week, as I got to know my teachers and peers, I came to realize that Panorama High School was not your regular school but rather it was to become my second home. My second year at Panorama, I wanted other newcomer students to feel as welcomed as I did, and to let them know that here at Panorama their goals were reachable and there was no need to feel alone or fearful. As such, we established The Newcomer Club. This will be the third year of the club’s existence of which I am the President.

At Panorama High, I have been given the opportunity and support to accomplish my goals. I recently was able to be interviewed by Univision and to talk about The Newcomer Club. This year, I plan to apply to various universities and colleges which a short three years ago, I was unsure if this was going to be a reality for me.

~ Danilo Amaya-Marroquin
Panorama High School
Class of 2020