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School Police Officer finds fulfillment as helper and mentor


Officer Genaro Moreno I decided to join Los Angeles School Police because it provides me with the opportunity to mentor students and provide service to parents, school staff and community.

As a Los Angeles Unified employee for 20 years, I have worked directly with kids in the classroom as a teacher’s assistant, cleaned the classrooms and school grounds as a plant manager, and patrolled schools as a School Police officer.

The majority of my tenure – 15 years to be exact – has been with School Police. I am currently serving Roosevelt High School in beautiful Boyle Heights. Ensuring the students' safety and interacting with them on a daily basis is my call of duty, my service and my passion. I also organize yearly holiday turkey and toy drives for the parents and communities I serve.

I am also the proud author of "Story of Cinco, First Home Run." This is a story about a boy struggling to play baseball until he meets a mentor, who provides him the motivation needed to become a better, more focused baseball player.

Everything I do is for and inspired by kids. Working with students is priceless. There is no greater fulfillment than helping and mentoring our youth. In my next life, I want to do this all over again.

Officer Genaro Moreno
Los Angeles School Police