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Welcome Back to School Family Guide - Download Now

Dear Los Angeles Unified Family,

I am so grateful and excited to share with you all our plans to resume full in-person instruction for all students this August. We recognize how important it is for students to be learning in a classroom with their teachers and to be spending time on campus with their friends, and we couldn’t be more confident that our schools are ready for this to happen in the safest way possible – more and more of our staff continue to be vaccinated and not a single school had to close because of the virus since students started coming back to campus in April.

While this past year has been difficult for so many families in many ways, Los Angeles Unified is committed to continue supporting all of those in our school community so that our return to campuses can be safe, successful and super fun. This guide will outline all of the pieces families need to know about to prepare for the start of in-person instruction in August.

The most important piece to our return, however, is you. What makes Los Angeles Unified schools so special is everyone who comes to campus each day – our students, families, teachers and staff. We hope that you share our excitement about the return to schools, and will share this excitement with others, so that students can come back to a feeling of community and care that they so importantly deserve. Thank you for all of your patience and support as we look forward to this exciting new chapter for Los Angeles Unified. We look forward to welcoming back all of our students in August – I’ll see you there.

Megan K. Reilly
Interim Superintendent

Download PDF: Welcome Back to School Family Guide
Descargar PDF: Bienvenido de regreso a la escuela guía para familias

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