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  • 333 S Beaudry Ave 16th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    Phone 213-241-5228
    Fax 213-241-6939

About Adult SIS

  • The Adult Student Information System (Adult SIS) is an office of the Student Information Support Branch in the Office of Data and Accountability. The office maintains the central data system that stores and reports to the State of California: attendance, grades, certifications, and program eligibility. Other responsibilities include:

    • Assistance with Adult-SIS related questions
    • Adult Division Surveys
    • Adult-SIS Training
    • Adult-SIS Trouble Shooting
    • Annual School Program Survey
    • Attendance Scanning
    • Enrollment
    • Statistical Reports


  •     Beginning July 1st, 2019, the Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) will be using an innovative new system called DACE-SIS. This system will marry the functionalities of the current SIS system with state-of-the-art functionalities needed to support students along their unique educational pathway including personalized counseling services. Other new functionalities will optimize efficiencies in tracking innovative new programming such as Integrated Educational Training (IET), Pre-apprenticeship, and the Family Success Initiative. It will also enable adult schools to market and outreach directly to adult learners.

        Updates to the DACE-SIS transition, including new business processes are posted weekly. Come witness the evolution of adult education as we remove barriers and change lives!


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  • DACE-SiS Attendance Entry available in FAQ or read here.

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  • DACE-SIS Training Schedule for End-Users available here

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  • DACE-SiS Master Schedule available in FAQ or read here.

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  • DACE-SiS Intake Guidelines available in FAQ or read here.

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  • DACE-SiS Student Counseling Guidelines available in FAQ or read here.

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Important Numbers

  • ASIS Customer Support:
    (213) 241-5228
    (213) 241-6939 fax
    (800) 255-1036
    Adult Fiscal Services:
    (213) 241-3175
    (213) 241-3303 fax
    Office of Attendance and Enrollment:
    (213) 241-2115
    (213) 241-6830 / 6831 / 6833 fax