Central Coordinated Committee



    The following members serve on the Central Coordinated Health and Safety Committee:
    Laura Benavidez and Timikel Sharpe - Food Services Division, co-Directors

    Koresha Bell-Johnson - Atwater Elementary School, Parent

    Dechele Byrd - Washington Prep High School, Principal

    Maria Castro - Student Health and Human Services, Coordinator

    Trenton Cornelius - Interscholastic Athletics, Coordinator

    Daisy Esqueda - Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Program & Policy Development Specialist

    Chad Fenwick - Physical Education, Advisor

    Walter Flores - Office of School Operations, Administrator

    Matthew French - Academic Leadership Community at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, Health Teacher

    Eloisa Gonzalez, MD, MPH - L.A. County Department of Public Health, Director, Cardiovascular and School Health

    John Han - Beyond the Bell, Operations Coordinator

    Maryjane Puffer - The L.A. Trust for Children’s Health, Executive Director

    Michael Romero - Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Administrator

    Roberto Ulloa - Edward Roybal High School, Student