In an effort to address the needs of our school communities, School Mental Health (SMH) has established clinics and centers throughout the District to provide high quality, direct mental health services to students and families in conveniently located facilities.   
    SMH Referral Procedures
    To ensure that services are coordinated, school staff and families are strongly encouraged to utilize the established referral system at their particular school. School staff and parents/guardians may call any of the clinics to discuss possible referrals with the Duty Worker of the Day.
    1. School staff may refer a student for services after consulting with school administration and conferring with parents/guardians to obtain consent.
    2. School staff (administrators, teachers or support staff) should work with parents/guardians to complete the Clinic Referral Forms for Counseling.  When completing the referral, please ensure that all family contact information (addresses and telephone numbers) are valid.
    3. The completed referral should be sent to the geographically appropriate clinic for the respective Local District (these are identified at the top of the referral form).
    4. Once the referral is received and processed, SMH staff will contact families via telephone or mail to schedule an intake appointment.
    5. During the intake and assessment processes, SMH staff will work collaboratively with school-based staff, particularly the referring party.
    6. Appropriate mental health treatment is provided to students and families based on need.
    7. When appropriate, SMH Clinic staff may provide case management services to students and families to connect them to other health and social services agencies.

                             ***For any life threatening situations, please call 911 immediately.***


    Wellness Centers and Clinics: Integrated Care

    Clinic outpatient mental health services for LAUSD students are provided through a partnership between the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) and LAUSD SMH. As DMH providers, SMH clinicians are committed to implementing the County of Los Angeles’ vision to improve the quality of life in the county, by providing responsive, efficient, and high quality public services that promote the self-sufficiency, well-being, and prosperity of individuals, families, businesses and communities. The program includes 7 Wellness Networks, 8 Clinics, and satellite clinics at school sites.


    In April 1993, through a unique interagency contract, the first agreement of its kind in the country, School Mental Health Clinics became Medi-Cal Certified for child psychiatry outpatient services. Under the terms of this agreement, SMH serves as a contract provider for the DMH providing full-scope outpatient mental health services to students and families.


    Medication Support Services


    SMH has an established clinical training program with UCLA Child Psychiatry supervised by two Child Psychiatry staff who oversee the rotation of fellows to implement medication support. With the use of District general funds, LAUSD employs Child Psychiatrists to support medications services for students. In addition, SMH has a subcontract, funded via DMH revenues, with UCLA Regents for Child Psychiatrists and Fellow Rotation, supervised under the Child Psychiatry Department. Psychiatric consultation is also established for our staff with USC Child Psychiatry and UCLA Harbor Child Psychiatry.


    In addition to psychiatric medication support services, the Wellness Centers are aligned with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). FQHC’s the opportunity to better serve the medication and health needs of students by pediatricians and general practitioners (under FQHCs services) co-located at Wellness Centers.

    ·         Main Office Beaudry Central – Pia Escudero, Director, Cecilia Ramos,  Assistant Director 333 South Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90017 (213) 241-3841 fax (213) 241-3305


    ·         97th Street School Mental Health Clinic - (Local District South, located at Barrett Elementary School) - 439 W. 97th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90003, (323) 754-2856 fax (323) 754-1843


    ·         Bell/Cudahy School Mental Health Clinic - (Local District South, located at Ellen Ochoa Learning Center) - 7326 S. Wilcox, Cudahy, CA 90201, (323) 869-1352


    ·         Belmont Wellness Center (Local District Central, located at Belmont High School)
    180 Union Place, Los Angeles, CA 90026 - (213) 241-4451 fax (213) 241-4465 


    ·         Carson Wellness Center (Local District South, located at Carson High School)
    270 East 223rd street, Carson, CA 90745 - (310) 847-7216 fax (310) 847-7214


    ·         Crenshaw Wellness Center (Local District West, located at Crenshaw High School)
    5010 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043 – (323) 290-7737 fax (323) 290-7744


    ·         Elizabeth Wellness Center (Local District South, located at Elizabeth Learning Center)
    4811 Elizabeth Street, Cudahy, CA 90201 (323) 271-3650  fax (323) 271-3657


    ·         Gage Middle School (Local District East, located at Gage Middle School)
    2975 Zoe Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255-4346 - (323) 826-1520 fax 826-1524


    ·         Hyde Park School Mental Health Clinic - (Local District West, located at YES Academy) -
    6519 S. 8th Avenue, Bungalow 46, Los Angeles, CA 90043, (323) 750-5167 fax (323) 759-2697


    ·         Locke Wellness Center (Local District South, located at Locke EEC)
    316 East 111th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061 (323) 418-1055 fax (323) 418-3964


    ·         Ramona School Mental Health Clinic - (Local District East, located at Ramona High School) -
    231 S. Alma Avenue #128, Los Angeles, CA 90063, (323) 266-7615 fax (323) 224-3140


    ·         Roybal Wellness Center - (Local District Central, located at Edward Roybal Learning Center) -
    1200 W. Colton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026, (213) 580-6415 fax (213) 241-4465


    ·         San Pedro School Mental Health Clinic - (Local District South, located at Cabrillo Elementary School) - 704 W. 8th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731, (310) 832-7545, Fax: (310) 833-8580


    ·         Valley School Mental Health Clinic - Local District North, located adjacent to Daniel Pearl High School  6651 Balboa Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA 91406, (818) 758-2300, Fax: (818) 996-9850


    ·         Washington Prep Wellness Center (Local District South, located at Washington Prep High School) 1555 West 110th Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90047 - (323) 241-1909 fx. (323) 241-1918

     For additional information about Wellness Networks, please contact Student Health and Human Services, Community Partnerships & Medi-Cal Programs at 213-241-3872.