IDM Access & Training Resources

  • Instructional Device Manager (IDM)

    Each site administrator must designate a staff member to serve as an Instructional Device Manager. An IDM can be a site-funded IT support assistant or technician, computer lab teacher, librarian, library aide, instructional aide-computer lab, or anyone else on staff that the principal designates.

    The IDM plays a critical role in ensuring that each school is able to check in/out computing devices and/or hotspots to students and employees, conduct annual computing device inventory, and maintain all device records correctly logged in the IT Asset Management System (Remedy).

    IDM Role Access Request and Approval Process

    1. The IDM designee applies for the IDM role by visiting EZ Access and following step-by-step instructions found here.
    2. Administrator will approve request by following instructions found on page 5 by clicking here. For Principals, please email we will approve the request on the backend.
    3. After approval, IDM designee will be automatically enrolled in the IT Asset Management System Online Training and assessment in MyPLN. Once training and assessment are completed, an IDM certificate will be issued.
    4. A ticket will be created and processed to grant IDM access.  This process takes between 1 to 5 business days. The IDM designee will be notified via email once access to the IT Asset Management System has been granted.


    Online IDM Training



    Our team is hosting webinars twice a month intended to provide an overview of the IT Asset Management process and share tips for using the Remedy system along with a Q&A.

    To register, please visit MyPLN and search “IT Asset Management Webinar” to see the current dates and times. Note this webinar is not replacement for IDM online training. 

    To watch the replay of previous webinar(s), please visit


    IT Asset Management Handbook