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  • Welcome to the Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Special Education’s COVID-19 Resources for Parents of Students with Disabilities web page. This web page will be updated periodically throughout the week. We encourage you to visit this page on a regular basis to access supplemental resources to support your child's distance learning experience.

    Bienvenidos a la página web de Recursos para Padres de Alumnos con Discapacidades del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles, Oficina de Educación Especial COVID-19. Esta página web se actualizará periódicamente durante la semana. Le animamos a que visite esta página regularmente para acceder a los recursos suplementarios para apoyar la experiencia de aprendizaje a distancia de su hijo(a).

Early Childhood Special Ed.

Clipart Kids with ABC letters

toy blocks


Click here to access Weekly Activities and Learning Games.  You will also find resources to support students who have a listening, spoken language and/or visual impairment.

Week 8: May 25 - May 29

Week 7: May 18 - May 22

Week 6: May 11 - May 15

Week 5: May 4 - May 8

Week 4: April 27 - May 1

Week 3: April 20 -  April 24

Week 2: April 13 - April 17

Week 1: March 30 - April 3


Haga clic aquí para acceder a actividades semanales y juegos de aprendizaje. También encontrará recursos para apoyar a los alumnos con discapacidades en la area auditiva, del lenguaje hablado y/o visual.

Semana 8: 25 de mayo - 29 de mayo

Semana 7: 18 de mayo - 22 de mayo

Semana 6: 11 de mayo - 15 de mayo

Semana 5: 4 de mayo - 8 de mayo

Semana 4: 4 de abril - 1 de mayo

Semana 3: 20 de abril - 24 de abril

Semana 2: 13 de abril - 17 de abril

Semana 1: 30 de marzo - 3 de abril

ABC blocks


Learning at Home Activities


Actividades de aprendizaje en el hogar

Clipart web resources

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ECSE Twitter link

Instructional Resources

Clipart Books and Arithmetic Symbols


The links contained in this section provide general information to families to support distance learning.  

k-12 family play card 

Grades K-2_Family Play Card 

Grades 3-5 _Family Play Card

Grades 6-8_Family Play Card




Los enlaces contenidos en esta sección proporcionan información general a las familias para apoyar el aprendizaje a distancia.

Spanish Family Card

Grados K-2 _Tarjeta Familiar 

Grados 3-5_Tarjeta Familiar

Grados 6-8_Tarjeta Familiar

Instructional Plan

Instructional Plan for Students with Disabilities (English y Español)


 Printable Resources

Transitional Kindergarten Weekly Lesson

Kindergarten Reading

1st Grade Reading

2nd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Reading

4th Grade Reading

5th Grade Reading

6th Grade Reading 

Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Online Educational Resources for Elementary Students with Disabilties

Amplifiy Educational Software for Home Use (English y Español)


Kids Learn

Please click on Edgenuity link above & open Parent tab once on website 

Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources


Online Educational Resources for Secondary Students with Disabilities



Please click on Edgenuity link above & open Parent tab once on website 

Instructional Plan

Instructional Plan for Students with Disabilties on Alternative Curriculum (English y Español)


COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Explained for Students with Disabilities

Supporting People with Autism through Uncertain Times

Play At Home Ideas



Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Online Resources for Alternative Curriculum


Star Autism Support


Iris Center


Deaf & Hard of Hearing

American Sign Language (ASL) Flashcards

Auditory Support

Hearing Technology


Orientation & Mobility

Orientation & Mobility Home Activities

Orientation & Mobility Online Resources


Vision Impairment

Vision Impairment


Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Onine Resources for Parents of Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

Clipart Handprint with Positive Words

PBIS for Parents

 Using PBIS at Home


Parenting During COVID-19

COVID-19 Parenting

COVID-19 Crianza


School Closure Toolkit

School Closure Toolkit


Resources for Parents

5 Star Reward Chart       10 Star Reward Chart


Visual Timers

Hand Washing Tips


Printable Resources

Autism School Closure Toolkit

Supporting People with Autism through Uncertain Times


Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Web Resources for Students with Autism


Star Autism Support


Logo Edgenuity

Edgenuity provides students with an online learning environment that includes a number of tools to support learning.

Edgenuity ofrece a los estudiantes un entorno de aprendizaje en línea que incluye una serie de herramientas para apoyar el aprendizaje.


Continuity of Learning Logo


Related Services

Clipart Related Services

Clipart Speech Therapy Puzzle

Continuity of Learning Resource Calendars

LAS May Resource Calendar

LAS April Resource Calendar

Articulation (Speech Sounds)

Review your child’s IEP to make sure you know which sounds your student is working on, and what position or level (ex: L in the beginning of words & short sentences, S at the end of words, or final consonants in words). Keep in mind that you will want to practice one sound or pattern at a time using one of the word lists with the student’s specific speech sound.



We use language every day. We use it to talk with friends, buy groceries, read books, find our shoes, and make dinner. This is a short list of daily activities where you and your child use language.  



Stuttering (Dysfluency)

Adaptive Physical Education Image

Continuity of Learning Resource Calendars



APE Home Activities

Preschool Activities - English y Español 

Elementary Activities

Secondary Activities

Moderate to Severe Populations Activities

APE Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Preschool Curriculum LEAP Video Series

Elementary Resource Links

Secondary Resource Links

Moderate to Severe Populations Resource Links

Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Weekly Activity Calendar

OT Weekly Calendar / Calendario Semanal de Actividades (05-26-20)

OT Home Activities



 Actividades Para Hacer en Casa de Terapia Ocupacional


OT Web Resources/Recursos de sitios web 

Clipart Web Resources

Click Here to Access Web Resources

Weekly Activity Calendar

PT Weekly Calendar / Calendario Semanal de Actividades (05-26-20)

PT Home Activities


Actividades Para Hacer En Casa de Terapia Física 


PT Web Resources/Recursos de sitios web

Clipart Web Resources

Click Here to Access Web Resources

AT Tools and Resources

Family Technology Resources

Reading Tools and Resources

Writing Tools and Resources

AT Online Resources

Clipart Web Resources

Math and Translator Resource Links

Continuity of Learning Resource Calendar

RT Weekly Calendar (April 13 - May 4)

RT Home Activities


Games That Reinforce Academic Skills Updated 4/29

Joint Attention Activities Updated 4/29

Leisure Education Activities Updated 4/29

Navigating Emotions Activities Updated 4/29

Perspective Taking Activities Updated 4/29

Reciprocal Interactions Activities Updated 4/29

Actividades en el Hogar


Juegos que Refuerzan las Habilidades Académicas Updated 5/04

Actividades de Atención Conjunta Updated 4/16

Actividades de Formación Recreativa Updated 5/04

Actividades para Controlar las Emociones Updated 4/16

Actividades de Toma de Perspectiva Updated 5/04

Actividades de Interacciones Recíproca Updated 5/04

Clipart Pupil Counseling

Week of 04/27/20

Week of 04/20/20

Week of 04/13/20

Week of 03/30/20

Clipart Pupil Counseling




Week of 05/20/20


Week of 05/13/20


Week of 05/04/20


Week of 04/27/20



Week of 04/13/20


  • Virtual IEP Team Meetings

    Virtual Meeting Image


         Click here to access "Virtual IEP Team Meeting Informational Video for Parents" (English)

        Haga clic aqui para acceder al video "Información Para Padres Sobre la Reunión Virtual del Equipo del IEP" (Español)




    SFSS Phone Number & Flyer

    School and Family Support Services
    Phone: (213) 241-6701
    Email: spedsfss@lausd.net
    Monday to Friday  8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.

    Servicios de Apoyo Escolar y Familiar
    Teléfono: (213) 241-6701
    Correo Electrónico: spedsfss@lausd.net
    lunes a viernes  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

     Coronavirus Hotline for Families: (213) 443-1300

    The hotlines are open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to call with any questions about the Coronavirus.

    Las lineas telefónicas están disponible desde 6:00 a.m. hasta 6:00 p.m. lunes a sábado.  Llame con preguntas sobre el Coronavirus.




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    The following websites contain information and resources for families of children with disabilities.
    Los siguientes sitios web contienen información y recursos para familias de alumnos con discapacidades.

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